New research on effective climate charities

Founders Pledge has re­cently com­pleted a large re­port on cli­mate change, which recom­mends two new cost-effec­tive cli­mate change char­i­ties—the Clean Air Task Force and Coal­i­tion for Rain­for­est Na­tions. This is on our re­search page here (which also has a re­port on men­tal health and will be sup­ple­mented with a num­ber of other in-house re­ports over the next few months). I know some EAs are in­ter­ested in cli­mate change and it is some­thing we are of­ten asked about. We have been rely­ing on old GWWC re­search for a while so this should be a use­ful up­date.

It may also be of in­ter­est be­cause both char­i­ties work on policy rather than do­ing di­rect work. Fi­nally, there is some dis­cus­sion of why we do not recom­mend Cool Earth.

Edit: there is also a dis­cus­sion of the link be­tween nu­clear power and nu­clear weapons that may be of in­ter­est to ex risk people