Latest EA Updates for September 2019


• Founders Pledge are look­ing for sug­ges­tions on top­ics they can re­search to find effec­tive interventions

• GiveDirectly with a form for peo­ple who may want to host a work­shop or talk about GiveDirectly at their workplace

• The Alan Tur­ing In­sti­tute is launch­ing a new defence and se­cu­rity ap­plied re­search centre

• J-PAL and IPA have cre­ated a new Data hub for Field Ex­per­i­ments in Eco­nomics and Public Policy. They have made available over 140 data sets from stud­ies about poverty and development

• GiveWell has an up­date on their money moved in 2018, in­fluenc­ing over $140,000,000 in donations

• For­tify Health has re­ceived a GiveWell In­cu­ba­tion grant of $1,000,000

• The Cen­ter for Se­cu­rity and Emerg­ing Tech­nol­ogy has started a bi weekly newsletter

• The Global Pri­ori­ties In­sti­tute has re­leased a se­ries of pa­pers, in­clud­ing one by Will MacAskill giv­ing an in­tro­duc­tion to effec­tive altruism


• Open Phil have made 33 grants re­cently with a to­tal value of $37,245,000. With $14,736,000 on farm an­i­mal welfare, $11,200,00 on crim­i­nal jus­tice re­form, $7,448,000 on sci­en­tific re­search, $3,000,000 for the Cen­ter for Global Devel­op­ment, $510,000 for the Euro­pean Sum­mer Pro­gram on Ra­tion­al­ity and $350,000 on land use reform

• An overview of the EA An­i­mal Welfare Fund grants from July with $440,000 go­ing to 10 organisations

• An overview of the EA Meta Fund grants from July, with $466,000 given to 9 projects

• The Long Term Fu­ture Fund and the EA Meta Fund are both open for ap­pli­ca­tions un­til 11th of October

• An­i­mal Ethics have mas­ter’s grants available for re­search at the in­ter­sec­tion of ecol­ogy and wild an­i­mal welfare sci­ence. Clos­ing on Novem­ber 1st

• The Emer­gent Ven­tures fund has a spe­cial tranche for peo­ple to study the na­ture and causes of progress, in­clud­ing eco­nomic, sci­en­tific, so­cial and cul­tural factors

• The Good Food In­sti­tute have re­search grants open un­til the 28th of October

• The Sur­vival and Flour­ish­ing Fund are look­ing to give grants to or­gani­sa­tions work­ing to im­prove hu­man­ity’s long-term prospects, clos­ing 4th October


• The Gates Foun­da­tion 2019 Gate­keep­ers re­port us­ing data vi­su­al­i­sa­tions to look at how in­equal­ity is hold­ing back de­vel­op­ment, es­pe­cially ge­o­graphic and gen­der inequality

• A write up on the case for char­ter cities within an EA framework

• A Camp­bell Col­lab­o­ra­tion post on what works when try­ing to use ev­i­dence based programmes

• A pa­per us­ing RCTs to es­ti­mate long-run im­pacts in de­vel­op­ment economics

• Leopold Aschen­bren­ner on the re­la­tion­ship be­tween eco­nomic growth and ex­is­ten­tial risk

• Lau­ren Mee writ­ing up ini­tial re­search on the tal­ent bot­tle­neck in effec­tive an­i­mal ad­vo­cacy

• William MacAskill look­ing at whether we are liv­ing at the most in­fluen­tial time in his­tory, and the pos­si­ble im­pli­ca­tions of this


• How pul­ling car­bon diox­ide out of the air and us­ing it could be a prof­itable busi­ness and re­duce cli­mate change

• A look into whether the world is pre­pared for the next pandemic

• Is this the most im­por­tant cen­tury in hu­man his­tory?

• How the cre­ator of The Good Place was in­fluenced by Peter Singer, Derek Parfit and Effec­tive Altruism


• He­len Toner and Elsa Ka­nia of CSET, dis­cuss China’s rise as a world AI power, the re­la­tion­ship be­tween the Chi­nese tech in­dus­try and the mil­i­tary, and the use of AI in hu­man rights abuses by the Chi­nese government

• Deep­mind pod­cast with Demis Hass­abis on the fu­ture of AI

• Varun Desh­pande and Ramya Ra­ma­murthy of GFI In­dia talk­ing about the fu­ture of food

Vi­talik Bu­terin on the 80,000 Hours pod­cast talk­ing about po­ten­tially bet­ter ways to fund pub­lic goods

• The Fu­ture of Life In­sti­tute with a new pod­cast se­ries fo­cus­ing on the risks of cli­mate change, with 8 epi­sodes look­ing at top­ics such as tip­ping points, miti­ga­tion, geo­eng­ineer­ing, na­tional se­cu­rity and gov­ern­ment responsibility

• YouTube playlist from the In­sti­tute for Health Met­rics and Eval­u­a­tion on how data can ac­cel­er­ate im­pact in global development

• PBS talk­ing to Rachel Glen­ner­ster and Dean Kar­lan about an ev­i­dence based ap­proach to end­ing global poverty

• Eirin Ev­jen from EA Nor­way and Markus An­der­ljung from FHI dis­cussing benefi­cial AI

• Mercy for An­i­mals Pres­i­dent Leah Gar­cés dis­cuss what an­i­mal rights ac­tivism can teach us about nav­i­gat­ing poli­ti­cal di­vides on the Ezra Klein podcast


• Forbes look­ing at Lon­don based Founders Pledge

Cari Tuna talk­ing about the work done by the Open Philan­thropy Project

• A new book by Bryan Walsh on the var­i­ous ways the world could end, and pos­si­ble steps to miti­gate them


• For civil ser­vants, HIPE has events, ca­reer coach­ing and re­search on how to have a high im­pact career

• Our World in Data with 12 key met­rics that they think may be the best for helping peo­ple to un­der­stand the state of the world

• Dar­ius Meiss­ner with an overview of the 2019 ap­pli­ca­tion pro­cess at Char­ity Entrepreneurship

• Karolina Sarek with a guide on how to in­crease the im­pact of a re­search agenda

• Ben Dixon with a post on how med­i­ta­tion has helped them be more em­pa­thetic, open minded and focused

• The BBC look­ing at how malaria could be defeated within a generation

• An overview of the Meta Science 2019 con­fer­ence, look­ing at the field of re­search on sci­en­tific progress

• An ar­ti­cle look­ing at how global pop­u­la­tion de­cline may be a ne­glected prob­lem area, fo­cus­ing on how this may af­fect China in par­tic­u­lar

• Sella Nevo with an in­side look at how Google uses AI to im­prove flood forecasting

• J-PAL and the Amer­i­can Eco­nomic As­so­ci­a­tion have been work­ing to­gether over the past year to im­prove re­search trans­parency through eas­ier ac­cess to stud­ies in the AEA RCT Registry

• Jade Le­ung con­tribut­ing to an ar­ti­cle about ex­port con­trols in re­la­tion to AI

• Chris Bryant with a guide for effec­tive an­i­mal cam­paign­ing for those with limited resources

• Joey Savoie with a guide aiming to com­pile use­ful con­tent for eval­u­at­ing a new pos­si­ble cause X

• A re­view of an al­ter­na­tive pro­tein con­fer­ence in Europe

• Lewis Bol­lard and Per­sis Eskan­der with les­sons learnt from the fur-free fight for the wider an­i­mal ad­vo­cacy movement

• An overview of the Good Food Con­fer­ence or­ganised by GFI last month

• Ian David Moss with a post on how when ev­i­dence is com­mis­sion, it is rarely used by prac­ti­tion­ers, even within the same organisation

• Max Roser with a post on how the whole world is miss­ing out on in­no­va­tion and cre­ativity be­cause of a lack of op­por­tu­nity in the poor­est countries

• Fau­n­a­lyt­ics with a post on how they were a vic­tim of sur­vey fraud and how re­searchers can take steps to avoid this


• The New York Times look­ing at how al­most ev­ery­where fewer chil­dren are dying