What should Founders Pledge research?

Founders Pledge has recently significantly expanded its research team and is currently considering its research strategy for the next 12 months. This is important as our pledge value is ~$2bn and counting. I would welcome suggestions on which topics could be potentially promising for us to research going forward. These suggestions could be promising according to various different ethical and empirical premises, catering to:

  • Donors solely focused on high-income country problems.

  • Donors focused on animal welfare.

  • Donors focused on the long-term future of sentient life.

  • Donors focused on GCRs and existential risk.

  • Donors focused on improving the welfare of the current generation of humans.

  • Donors interested in impact investing/​social entrepreneurship.

Topics we are currently considering include:

  • Climate change/​clean energy innovation

  • Improving science

  • Sundry ex risks/​GCRs

  • Increasing economic growth

  • Animal product alternatives

  • Improving political institutions and political wisdom

  • Reducing political bias and partisanship

  • Pain relief in poor countries

  • etc

Thoughts on these topics and suggestions for any others would be appreciated. Meta-thoughts on how to approach this selection task would also be handy.