Leaked EU Draft Proposes Substantial Animal Welfare Improvements

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  • Phase out of cages for all species

  • Increase space allowance for all species

  • Ban the systematic culling of male chicks

  • Introduce welfare requirements for the stunning of farmed fish

  • Ban cruel slaughter practices like water baths and CO2 for poultry and pigs

  • Ban mutilations, like beak trimming, tail docking, dehorning or surgical castration of pigs

  • Limited journey times for the transport of animals destined to slaughter

  • Apply the EU’s standards to imported animal products in a way that is compatible with WTO rules

It claims the document was leaked by Agra Facts, which is a subscription service I don’t have access to. Confirmation of what was actually included from someone who has access to the underlying document would be appreciated.

Metaculus forecast for the cage free portion:

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