Euro­pean Union

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Posts with the European Union tag discuss ideas and interventions for work in the EU.

Do coun­tries com­ply with EU an­i­mal welfare laws?

Neil_Dullaghan17 Aug 2020 1:18 UTC
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Ways EU law might mat­ter for farmed animals

Neil_Dullaghan17 Aug 2020 1:16 UTC
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How Europe might mat­ter for AI governance

stefan.torges12 Jul 2019 23:42 UTC
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AI policy ca­reers in the EU

Lauro Langosco11 Nov 2019 10:43 UTC
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AI Gover­nance Ca­reer Paths for Europeans

careersthrowaway16 May 2020 6:40 UTC
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Space gov­er­nance is im­por­tant, tractable and neglected

Tobias_Baumann7 Jan 2020 11:24 UTC
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Ca­reers (to help an­i­mals) in poli­tics, policy, and lobbying

Jamie_Harris30 Aug 2020 10:37 UTC
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Dutch anti-trust reg­u­la­tor bans pro-an­i­mal welfare chicken cartel

Dale24 Feb 2021 15:44 UTC
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