EA Funds hands out money very infrequently—should we be worried?

From the EA Funds web­site, here is the amount of money un­al­lo­cated in each fund:

  • Long-Term Fu­ture: $348,167

  • Global Devel­op­ment: $497,957

  • An­i­mal Welfare: $75,109

  • EA Com­mu­nity: $206,271

Some of them haven’t dis­bursed any funds in quite a while. I asked the CEA team about this and got the fol­low­ing re­ply:

The an­swer to this is that cur­rently the fund man­ager have a great deal of dis­cre­tion about when they give out grants, and they tend to do so in large chunks with some­what low fre­quency. This is a situ­a­tion we may be giv­ing more con­sid­er­a­tion in the fu­ture, be­cause in­deed there are rea­sons to ques­tion whether the grant­ing fre­quency as it cur­rently is an op­ti­mal situ­a­tion.

It seems prob­le­matic to have ~$1.1mil­lion dol­lars in the bank and no com­mit­ment as to when this will be handed out.

For the An­i­mal Welfare fund, I mind less – the fund man­ager makes many small dona­tions to a bunch of char­i­ties, and it seems un­likely I’d ever be able to match his skill in do­ing this. But in the case of the Global Devel­op­ment fund (which so far has mostly just handed money to AMF and has half a mil­lion dol­lars in the pot), I could just pay my monthly dona­tion into a low-risk ETF, make a small yield on it, and then donate the to­tal my­self at the end of the year.

In­ter­ested to hear peo­ple’s thoughts on this!