AMA: Luke Freeman, ED of Giving What We Can (GWWC)

I’m Luke Freeman, and I currently serve as the executive director of Giving What We Can (GWWC). You’re welcome to ask me anything! I’ll start answering questions on Thursday June 15th.

Logistics/​practical instructions:

  • Please post your questions as comments on this post. The earlier you share your questions, the easier it will be for me to get to them.

  • Please upvote questions you’d most like answered.

  • I’ll start answering questions on June 15th. Questions posted after that are less likely to get answers.

  • I’m excited about this, but can’t commit to answering all the questions. If you want to share many questions, consider sharing and/​or upvoting which ones you’re particularly interested in.

  • (This is an “AMA” — you can explore others here.)

Some context:

  • I’ve been leading the team at Giving What We Can since 2020.

  • I’ve been giving based on EA principles myself since about 2011 (pledger at both GWWC and Founders Pledge) and actively engaged with the EA community since 2016.

  • GWWC is a community of effective givers who are on a mission to create a culture where giving effectively and significantly is a norm.

  • GWWC hosts several giving pledges (best known for The Pledge to give 10% of lifetime earnings to effective charities), hosts a multi-country cause-diverse donation platform, provides advice on effective giving, and hosts popular tools and resources such as the How Rich Am I calculator, Giving Games and Charity Elections.

  • GWWC does work to help support the broader effective giving community (e.g. information sharing, coordination and incubation of projects, research projects like evaluating the evaluators).

  • GWWC helped to found the EA community and what is now called Effective Ventures Foundation (formerly Centre for Effective Altruism). I can speak about my experience running a project housed within EV.

  • Read more about GWWC’s direction and strategy

  • I’ve advocated for “big tent” effective altruism.

  • I feel that EA could learn a lot from other sectors and could benefit from engaging more deeply with them.

  • I feel strongly that effective giving should be a key part of effective altruism and likely has a broader appeal and accessibility.

  • Prior to GWWC I worked predominantly in tech entrepreneurship and marketing (across private and public sectors) with a focus on growth.

  • Outside of Giving What We Can I’ve been in leadership positions in Effective Altruism Australia, EAGxAustralia (organised two conferences) Good Ancestors Project & Good Ancestors Policy, Global Shapers Community (Sydney chapter), EA Sydney, Heart for the Homeless, Australian Skeptics, advised or volunteered with various other social-impact focused projects, and once ran for parliament.

  • My academic background is in media and communications (did my thesis on political communication focusing on deliberative democracy and voting reform).

  • Other than these things I’d be happy to talk about:

    • Managing or working in a remote international team (based outside of EA hub cities) based in Australia.

    • My experience going from employee #1 to larger teams (multiple times in different contexts).

    • My experience volunteering and/​or managing volunteers

    • My experience in for-purpose entrepreneurship.

    • Challenges and strategies for mental/​physical health and wellbeing (e.g. recovering from and mitigating burnout, managing EA/​non-EA life, starting a family etc).

    • My experiences coming from a non-typical academic background for EA leadership (e.g. not a major in philosophy, economics, or science).

    • My views on EA topics/​cruxes.

    • Dropping out of school at age 15 and pursuing non-traditional career paths

    • Anything else that takes your fancy based on GWWC’s work, my post history, my LinkedIn or personal website.

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