EA Strategy Fortnight (June 12-24)

Tl;dr: I’m kicking off a push for public discussions about EA strategy that will be happening June 12-24. You’ll see new posts under this tag, and you can find details about people who’ve committed to participating and more below.

Motivation and what this is(n’t)

I feel (and, from conversations in person and seeing discussions on the Forum, think that I am not alone in feeling) like there’s been a dearth of public discussion about EA strategy recently, particularly from people in leadership positions at EA organizations.

To help address this, I’m setting up an “EA strategy fortnight” — two weeks where we’ll put in extra energy to make those discussions happen. A set of folks have already volunteered to post thoughts about major strategic EA questions, like how centralized EA should be or current priorities for GH&W EA.

This event and these posts are generally intended to start discussion, rather than give the final word on any given subject. I expect that people participating in this event will also often disagree with each other, and participation in this shouldn’t imply an endorsement of anything or anyone in particular.

I see this mostly as an experiment into whether having a simple “event” can cause people to publish more stuff. Please don’t interpret any of these posts as something like an official consensus statement.

Some people have already agreed to participate

I reached out to people through a combination of a) thinking of people who had shared private strategy documents with me before that still had not been published b) contacting leaders of EA organizations, and c) soliciting suggestions from others. About half of the people I contacted agreed to participate. I think you should view this as a convenience sample, heavily skewed towards the people who find writing Forum posts to be low cost. Also note that I contacted some of these people specifically because I disagree with them; no endorsement of these ideas is implied.

People who’ve already agreed to post stuff during this fortnight [in random order]:

  1. Habryka—How EAs and Rationalists turn crazy

  2. MaxDalton—In Praise of Praise

  3. MichaelA—Interim updates on the RP AI Governance & Strategy team

  4. William_MacAskill—Decision-making in EA

  5. Ardenlk—On reallocating resources from EA per se to specific fields

  6. Ozzie Gooen—Centralize Organizations, Decentralize Power

  7. Julia_Wise—EA reform project updates

  8. Shakeel Hashim—EA Communications Updates

  9. Jakub Stencel—EA’s success no one cares about

  10. lincolnq—Why Altruists Can’t Have Nice Things

  11. Ben_West and 2ndRichter—FTX’s impacts on EA brand and engagement with CEA projects

  12. jeffsebo and Sofia_Fogel—EA and the nature and value of digital minds

  13. Anonymous – Diseconomies of scale in community building

  14. Luke Freeman and Sjir Hoeijmakers—Role of effective giving within E

  15. kuhanj—Reflections on AI Safety vs. EA groups at universities

  16. Joey—The community wide advantages of having a transparent scope

  17. JamesSnowden—Current priorities for Open Philanthropy’s Effective Altruism, Global Health and Wellbeing program

  18. Nicole_Ross—Crisis bootcamp: lessons learned and implications for EA

  19. Rob Gledhill—AIS vs EA groups for city and national groups

  20. Vaidehi Agarwalla—The influence of core actors on the trajectory and shape of the EA movement

  21. Renan Araujo—Thoughts about AI safety field-building in LMICs

  22. ChanaMessinger—Reducing the social miasma of trust

  23. particlemania—Being Part of Systems

  24. jwpieters—Thoughts on EA community building

  25. MichaelPlant—The Hub and Spoke Model of Effective Altruism

  26. Quadratic Reciprocity—Best guesses for how public discourse and interest in AI existential risk over the past few months should update EA’s priorities

  27. OllieBase—Longtermism

  28. Peter Wildeford and Marcus_A_Davis—Past and future of Rethink Priorities

If you would like to participate

  1. If you are able to pre-commit to writing a post: comment below and I will add you to this list.

  2. If not: you can publish a post normally, and then tag your post with this tag.

  3. And include the following at the bottom of your post:[1]

This post is part of EA Strategy Fortnight. You can see other Strategy Fortnight posts here.

How to follow posts from this event

Posts will be tagged with this tag. As there is no formal posting schedule, you might want to subscribe to the tag to be notified when new posts get made.

If you want to start reading now, the Building Effective Altruism tag has a bunch of already-published posts on this subject.

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    Thanks to @Vaidehi Agarwalla for suggesting people do this