[Question] What is EA opinion on The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists?

Looks like The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is the first organization in the world working on existential risks with the clearly stated mission “to reduce man-made threats to our existence”. This organization started with nuclear weapon, but this century also included Climate Change and Disruptive Technologies into their agenda. Indeed, their oldest article on Biosecurity is dated Feb 2007, which is older then OpenPhil and almost the same age as FHI.

Nevertheless, I didn’t see a single mention of The Bulletin on 80k, and even on this forum they were mentioned only several times. I went through some of their articles, and they’re too vague and informal for my taste, though it can be just a bad selection. Does someone knows if something is wrong with The Bulletin in general or is there any specific reason it doesn’t appear in EA-related discussions?

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