[Question] Should we call them something other than retreats?

Retreatsdescribed by Leilani Bellamy of the new EA org Canopy Retreats as “a gathering of people with a common interest or goal, all sharing space over the course of a weekend or a week”—are increasing in popularity within university groups, local groups, and EA orgs. They typically involve presentations, group and 1-1 discussions, and bonding activities, and they sometimes produce tangible outputs.

I worry that the term “retreat” also contributes to optics issues because it (1) implies opulence (e.g. “wellness retreats”), (2) harkens to religious retreats and may increase “cult” vibes, and (3) doesn’t actually capture the work that occurs (i.e. when I’ve said I’m going on a retreat, friends have assumed I’m on vacation).

Thoughts on alternative terms?