My new article on EA and the systemic change objection

Hi all!

I have just pub­lished an ar­ti­cle on EA called ‘Char­ity vs Revolu­tion: Effec­tive Altru­ism and the Sys­temic Change Ob­jec­tion’.

I re-state the sys­temic change ob­jec­tion in more char­i­ta­ble terms than one of­ten sees and offer an epistemic cri­tique of EA as well as some­what more spec­u­la­tive cri­tique of char­ity in gen­eral.

Some of you might find it in­ter­est­ing!

A pre-print is here: https://​​​​51AUDe

And the fi­nal, pay-walled ver­sion is here: https://​​arti…/​10.1007%2Fs10677-019-09979-5

Com­ments, cri­tiques and com­plaints very wel­come!