Announcing the Patient Philanthropy Fund

Today, after nearly two years of preparations, Founders Pledge is launching the Patient Philanthropy Fund (PPF): a grantmaking vehicle that invests to give to safeguard and improve the long-term future.

The PPF is incubated as a special trust within Founders For Good—the Founders Pledge UK entity. It is managed by a Management Committee consisting of purpose-aligned experts on timing of giving. Our aim is to further develop and grow it over the coming 10 years and eventually spin it out as a separate charitable entity.

The Fund is open for contributions by non-FP-members via EA Funds. We are launching the PPF with $1m in pre-seed funding contributed by a list of Founding Partners and Supporters, including many EA community members.

Please refer to the Fund’s website for more information on its plans, governance structure, Management Committee, grant-making policy etc.

And please share any feedback or questions you have on the PPF in the comments on this post, or reach out to!