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The Investing tag covers posts about how we can invest our money to produce higher impact, whether we want to increase our expected returns, create stable funding for long-term endeavors, or pursue other goals related to doing more good.

This differs from the Socially responsible investing tag, which concerns investments which are directly aimed at generating positive impact.

(Please be very careful when reading free investment advice distributed on an open online forum.)

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The case for in­vest­ing to give later

SjirH3 Jul 2020 15:23 UTC
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EAs and EA Orgs Should Move Cash from Low-In­ter­est to High-In­ter­est Options

Brendon_Wong23 Feb 2019 12:24 UTC
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In­vest­ing to Give: FP Re­search Report

SjirH30 Oct 2020 12:43 UTC
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EAs Should In­vest All Year, then Give only on Giv­ing Tuesday

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Move­ment build­ing and in­vest­ing to give later

abergal15 Jul 2020 22:46 UTC
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[Question] Should we cre­ate an EA in­dex?

Peter Sølling4 Aug 2020 11:25 UTC
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[Question] Is share­holder ac­tivism worth it?

sbowman4 Sep 2020 23:49 UTC
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How Much Lev­er­age Should Altru­ists Use?

MichaelDickens7 Jan 2020 4:25 UTC
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Effec­tive Im­pact Investing

grissman27 Feb 2019 18:07 UTC
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Im­pact in­vest­ing is only a good idea in spe­cific circumstances

HaukeHillebrandt6 Dec 2018 12:13 UTC
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Best way to in­vest with lev­er­age?

Brian_Tomasik2 Apr 2015 11:04 UTC
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Phil Tram­mell: Philan­thropy timing and the hinge of history

EA Global11 Feb 2020 21:15 UTC
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Im­pact In­vest­ing—A Vi­able Op­tion for EAs?

Naryan11 Jul 2018 2:10 UTC
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Risk aver­sion and in­vest­ment (for al­tru­ists)

Paul_Christiano28 Feb 2013 5:00 UTC
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[Question] In­vest­ing to Give Begin­ner Ad­vice?

Rook17 Jun 2020 15:21 UTC
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Es­ti­mat­ing the Philan­thropic Dis­count Rate

MichaelDickens3 Jul 2020 16:58 UTC
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Cru­cial ques­tions about op­ti­mal timing of work and donations

MichaelA14 Aug 2020 8:43 UTC
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An ar­gu­ment for keep­ing open the op­tion of earn­ing to save

Benjamin_Todd31 Aug 2020 15:09 UTC
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Thoughts on pa­tient philanthropy

Tobias_Baumann8 Sep 2020 12:00 UTC
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The Risk of Con­cen­trat­ing Wealth in a Sin­gle Asset

MichaelDickens18 Oct 2020 17:15 UTC
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Donor-Ad­vised Funds vs. Tax­able Ac­counts for Pa­tient Donors

MichaelDickens19 Oct 2020 20:38 UTC
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Un­cor­re­lated In­vest­ments for Altruists

MichaelDickens23 Nov 2020 23:03 UTC
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“Pa­tient vs ur­gent longter­mism” has lit­tle di­rect bear­ing on giv­ing now vs later

Owen_Cotton-Barratt9 Dec 2020 14:58 UTC
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[Ques­tion] Pros/​Cons of Donor-Ad­vised Fund

zdgroff22 Apr 2019 0:56 UTC
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How You Can Coun­ter­fac­tu­ally Send Millions of Dol­lars to EA Charities

Brendon_Wong24 Dec 2020 2:50 UTC
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Even Allo­ca­tion Strat­egy un­der High Model Ambiguity

MichaelStJules31 Dec 2020 9:10 UTC
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A gen­er­al­ized strat­egy of ‘mis­sion hedg­ing’: in­vest­ing in ‘evil’ to do more good

HaukeHillebrandt18 Feb 2018 17:41 UTC
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In­creas­ing risk tol­er­ance by grow­ing your investments

Andy_Schultz1 Jan 2016 19:17 UTC
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Miss­ing Mar­ket: Sus­tain­able Afri­can ETF

James Bailey3 Mar 2021 14:57 UTC
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A Com­par­i­son of Donor-Ad­vised Fund Providers

MichaelDickens5 Apr 2021 20:13 UTC
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EA could benefit from a gen­eral-pur­pose non­profit en­tity that offers donor-ad­vised funds and fis­cal sponsorship

Brendon_Wong27 Jun 2020 0:16 UTC
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John Halstead: Is im­pact in­vest­ing im­pact­ful?

EA Global29 Jun 2020 12:56 UTC
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Max­i­miz­ing the Long-Run Re­turns of Re­tire­ment Savings

FCCC7 Jul 2020 8:52 UTC
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[Question] Sus­tain­abil­ity Fund

El-Nino920 Jul 2020 7:52 UTC
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Can High-Yield In­vest­ing Be the Most Good You Can Do?

Disselkoen27 Jul 2020 5:51 UTC
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A port­fo­lio ap­proach to­wards effec­tive en­vi­ron­men­tal­ism?

Bede27 Jul 2020 8:48 UTC
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Key­ne­sian Altruism

Grayden13 Sep 2020 12:18 UTC
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As­set Allo­ca­tion and Lev­er­age for Altru­ists with Constraints

MichaelDickens14 Dec 2020 20:48 UTC
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Us­ing the tax sys­tem and stock mar­ket to donate more: a few ba­sic strategies

BenSchifman1 Nov 2020 21:44 UTC
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[Question] What are some high im­pact com­pa­nies to in­vest in?

Jpmos23 Jan 2021 18:30 UTC
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[Question] Should pa­tient in­vestors try to cor­re­late port­fo­lio hold­ings with po­ten­tial cause ar­eas?

shepardspie31 Jan 2021 22:11 UTC
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Alix Zwane: Us­ing ev­i­dence for smart im­pact investing

EA Global15 Jun 2019 14:49 UTC
4 points
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ESG in­vest­ing is wholly misdirected

Meg16 Apr 2021 15:32 UTC
52 points
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ESG in­vest­ing isn’t high-im­pact, but it could be

Sanjay18 Mar 2021 14:07 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism and In­ter­na­tional Trade

brb24315 Oct 2019 3:21 UTC
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[Question] As an EA, Should I re­nounce my US cit­i­zen­ship?

anonymoususer18 Apr 2021 16:45 UTC
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