Low-Commitment Less Wrong Book (EG Article) Club

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AllAmericanBreakfast brought up the idea of a low-commitment LW book club. I’d like to start the ball rolling and volunteer to at least help get it started (I am also happy for someone else to do it, but I want to make sure it happens). I invite anyone who’s interested to comment below. Ideas for how it could work are also welcome. I suppose it could be as simple as a weekly link post that we comment on on the EA forum—that would certainly be low-commitment.

I’m currently doing the in-depth virtual program and enjoying the Zoom discussions. Not as low-commitment, but when that ends at the end of February, I would have time to host something like a weekly Zoom discussion of an article or two. It seems like that would work best for ~5 people, so if more were interested there could be multiple Zooms with multiple hosts.

And Zooms and link posts are certainly not mutually exclusive.

My current plan is:

  • Let people comment here with ideas/​feedback until Monday.

  • Every Monday Weekly, post something from a list I keep, starting with links in the comments of this post, in comments below or future posts, or dug up on my own if it comes to that.

  • Use the tag LCLWBC come up with a better tag for this and future posts.

  • Invite others to make their own posts.

  • Offer to try to organize a Zoom discussion if >3 people are interested.

Please chime in if you have any ideas or criticisms. I can’t see any reason why this would be a bad idea, but I’d be very interested to know of any.