[Question] What (standalone) LessWrong posts would you recommend to most EA community members?

Edit 11 Feb 2022: Jeremy made a post about starting a low-commitment LW Article club where he’d be linkposting articles on a weekly basis from this list for people to engage with!

Context /​ Motivation:

  • I am interested in thinking a lot recently about how we could share ideas from the rationalist community to EA and related subcommunities (perhaps communicating the same ideas in different ways).

  • I’ve been diving into LessWrong recently and remembered why I hadn’t for a while—it’s really overwhelming. Even with the sequences and curation, it’s a lot of content, and it’s not always obvious to me which posts I’d find most valuable.

  • I think it’s better to read fewer posts in more depth to properly understand them.

  • I think it’s likely that some posts or ideas will be much more relevant to EAs than others, but I’m not sure which ones

My ask:

  • I’d be interested in recommendations for standlone posts (e.g. All debates are bravery debates), specific concepts (e.g. schelling fence or doublecrux) , or specific sequences (e.g.)

  • If you have time, I’d love to know why it’s valuable to you