Public reports are now optional for EA Funds grantees

Public reports are now explicitly optional for applicants to EA Funds. We have updated our application form and other outwardly-facing materials to reflect this change.

  • If you are an individual applicant or a new organization, choosing not to have a public report will very rarely affect the chance that we fund you (and we will reach out to anyone for whom it would make a substantial difference).

  • If you are an established organization, choosing not to have a public report may slightly decrease the chance that we fund you. We are generally happy to omit mentions of individuals from public grant reports of organizations at their request.

  • If we are uncomfortable making a grant privately with EA Funds money, we may ask to forward your application to private donors we are connected to, or to other large funders in the space.

Broadly, we think there are many valid reasons not to want a public report, and we don’t want anyone to be discouraged from applying to us for funding. If you or someone you know could use funding productively but was previously discouraged by our payout reports, please apply or encourage them to apply.

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