[Question] Do the GiveWell charities need money currently?

It’s tax time and I’m looking at where to donate. I’m skeptical that I should be giving to the GiveWell charities because:

  • GiveWell in intricately tied to Open Philanthropy and Open Philanthropy seems to have the capacity to fill any deficits in GiveWell charity funding each year. This means that a donation to GiveWell charities is effectively a donation to Open Philanthropy (because it frees up some of their funds) and whatever they’re giving grants to. (As someone keen on global development and preventative health I’m not as aligned with Open Philanthropy’s broader work).

  • In 2021-2022 GiveWell rolled over funds into the next year because they felt that the top charities had enough. They’ve said they no longer do this but it suggests to me that they tend to be in the ballpark of fully-funded.

  • It’s hard to find up-to-date data on GiveWell about the current “Room For More Funding” of their top charities.

Does anyone have any insights on whether a donation to a GiveWell charity is useful at the moment?