Forum Digest: reminder that it exists & request for feedback

What this is:

The Forum Digest is a weekly email that goes out to subscribers to share some of our favorite EA Forum posts from the past week. We usually include some question or request posts, and we’re starting to share a “classic Forum post” per week, too. You can find some recent issues here.

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The Digest is generally put together by Lizka (me), with occasional help. Please give us feedback!

Quick FAQ on the Digest:

Are the posts you share just high karma posts?

Nope. The posts are probably higher karma than the average post on the Forum, but to the extent that that’s true, it’s probably because we agree with the Forum users who are upvoting the high-karma posts that those posts are good.

You can also set up an RSS feed to see all the posts above a karma threshold.

My post didn’t make it into the Digest. Does that mean it’s bad?

No. First of all, we simply don’t have space in the Digest for all the good posts. There are around 20 posts per day by now. Also, there are a variety of factors that make us more likely to put something in the Digest. For instance, we might be more likely to put in a question that doesn’t have enough answers than one that’s gotten tons of attention.

Are you planning on changing the Digest?

We’ll probably be changing it, but we don’t know right now what the specific changes will be. It highly depends on the feedback we get.

I’d like to give feedback. How can I do that?

You can comment on this post or fill out this feedback form. We really appreciate feedback!

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