Best way to invest with leverage?

Altru­ists who don’t care too much about risk (and young peo­ple in gen­eral) should plau­si­bly use lev­er­aged in­vest­ing. What’s the best way to get lev­er­age?

  1. Mar­gin bor­row­ing seems like the de­fault solu­tion. I might try it if there’s noth­ing bet­ter.

  2. The­o­ret­i­cally op­tions could be used, but I’m un­sure whether they work in prac­tice.

  3. Sup­pos­edly fu­tures offer mas­sive lev­er­age, but I haven’t ex­plored the de­tails, and they seem hard to trade your­self. I’d like some­thing I can just buy and hold for a long time.

  4. Some­thing else?

Ideally, there should be a fund that you just buy into to get lev­er­age, with some­one else han­dling the de­tails. But lev­er­aged ETFs don’t work be­cause they’re op­ti­mized for day trad­ing and as a re­sult lose money for buy-and-hold in­vestors.