[Question] Are comment “disclaimers” necessary?

Folks who com­ment in this fo­rum and who work for an EA org of­ten ap­pend a “dis­claimer” to their com­ments, along the lines of “speak­ing for my­self, not my em­ployer”. I find such dis­claimers slightly dis­tract­ing and an­noy­ing, in part be­cause I sus­pect they are un­nec­es­sary. I also fear that this prac­tice may change com­ment­ing norms in such a way that adding dis­claimers will be­come nec­es­sary at some point in the fu­ture (“What do you mean you were not speak­ing on be­half of your or­ga­ni­za­tion? Why didn’t you add a dis­claimer, then, like ev­ery­one else here now does?”). How­ever, I re­al­ize that these sus­pi­cions and fears may not be well-grounded, so I’m cu­ri­ous to learn what oth­ers think. I wel­come an­swers from ev­ery­one, but es­pe­cially from those who do reg­u­larly add such dis­claimers to their com­ments (feel free to use an anony­mous ac­count if you aren’t com­fortable dis­cussing your rea­sons pub­li­cly).

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