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I work as head of the one on one team for 80,000 Hours. Previously I worked at the Global Priorities Institute, ran Giving What We Can and was a Fund Manager at the Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund.

Comments here are my own views only, not my present or past employers’, unless otherwise specified.

Friend­ship as a sa­cred value

Michelle_Hutchinson23 Mar 2024 9:50 UTC
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On be­ing an EA for decades

Michelle_Hutchinson12 Feb 2024 21:24 UTC
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Zach Robin­son will be CEA’s next CEO

Ben_West28 Dec 2023 15:57 UTC
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EA In­fras­truc­ture Fund: June 2023 grant recommendations

Linch26 Oct 2023 0:35 UTC
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AMA: 80,000 Hours Ca­reer Ad­vis­ing Team

Abby Hoskin8 Sep 2023 10:42 UTC
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