X-risks of SETI and METI?

A NY Times sci­ence jour­nal­ist asked me whether there are any good pa­pers, blogs, talks, etc from EA peo­ple on pos­si­ble X-risks from the Search for Ex­trater­res­trial In­tel­li­gence (SETI) or ac­tive Mes­sag­ing to Ex­trater­res­trial In­tel­li­gence (METI). They’re in­ter­ested in do­ing a fea­ture piece on this.

Any sug­ges­tions?

I wrote a bit about this in a re­cent pa­per (https://​​www.pri­malpoly.com/​​s/​​Todd-Millerevpsych-of-ETIBioThe­ory2017.pdf), but haven’t kept up on EA writ­ings about pos­si­ble down­sides of alien con­tact.

So far, the most rele­vant work seems the Nick Bostrom pa­per on ‘In­for­ma­tion Hazards’? ( https://​​nick­bostrom.com/​​in­for­ma­tion-haz­ards.pdf )?