Will MacAskill has stepped down as trustee of EV UK

Earlier today, Will MacAskill stepped down from the board of Effective Ventures UK[1], having served as a trustee since its founding more than a decade ago.

Will has been intending to step down for several months and announced his intention to do so earlier this year. Will had initially planned to remain on the board until we brought on additional trustees to replace him. However, given that our trustee recruitment process has taken longer than anticipated, and given also that Will continues to be recused from a significant proportion of board business[2], he felt that it didn’t make sense for him to stay on any longer.

Will announced his resignation today.

As a founding board member of EV UK (then called CEA), Will played a vital role in getting EV and its constituent projects off the ground, including co-founding Giving What We Can and 80,000 Hours. We are very grateful to Will for everything he’s contributed to the effective altruism movement to date and look forward to his future positive impact; we wish him the best of luck with his future work.

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    For context, EV UK hosts and fiscally sponsors several (mostly EA-related) projects, such as CEA, 80,000 Hours and various others (see more here).

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    This is because his recusal affected not just decisions that were directly related to the collapse of FTX, but also many other decisions for which the way EV UK has been affected by the collapse of FTX was important context.