[Question] What types of charity will be the most effective for creating a more equal society?

Hello. I have a ques­tion about ra­tio­nal al­tru­ism.

I some­times donate a lit­tle money to char­i­ties that help home­less peo­ple, shelters for home­less an­i­mals, ster­il­iza­tion of home­less an­i­mals, a fund that pro­vides free veg­e­tar­ian food to those in need, the Anti-Cor­rup­tion Foun­da­tion, an in­ter­na­tional hu­man rights group that pro­tects ille­gally de­tained at peace­ful protests, other hu­man rights defen­ders, the Com­mit­tee against tor­ture, Green­peace, and artists and mu­si­ci­ans who re­ceive dona­tions, maybe I for­got some­thing, but the essence is clear.

But now I think that this is plug­ging holes, and not a solu­tion to the cause of all these trou­bles. My con­vic­tion, based on the data of sci­en­tists, that the root cause of most of the ills of so­ciety is in­equal­ity, pri­mar­ily eco­nomic in­equal­ity—in­come in­equal­ity. There­fore, I want to di­rect my mod­est efforts to elimi­nate the root cause of most of so­ciety’s ills—in­equal­ity.

The sys­tem where the 8 rich­est peo­ple on the planet have a for­tune equal to the state of 3.5 billion (!) of the poor­est peo­ple is deeply sick and all other prob­lems are just deriva­tives of this dis­ease.

Ac­cord­ingly, the ques­tion is—what types of char­ity will be the most effec­tive for cre­at­ing a more equal so­ciety?

Please, if you dis­agree with me, carry your pre­cious opinion el­se­where. I am only in­ter­ested in opinions on how to most effec­tively cre­ate a more equal so­ciety.