[Question] What are examples of EA work being reviewed by non-EA researchers?

I some­times see peo­ple claim that EA re­search tends to be low-qual­ity or “not taken se­ri­ously” by schol­ars in rele­vant fields.

There are cases where this clearly isn’t true (e.g. AI al­ign­ment ques­tions seem to have at least split the schol­arly com­mu­nity, with a lot of peo­ple on both sites).

But I worry that, as a non-sci­en­tist, I’m liv­ing in a bub­ble where I don’t see strong cri­tique of GiveWell’s method­ol­ogy, FHI’s policy pa­pers, etc.

Does any­one have good ex­am­ples of re­spected* schol­ars who have re­viewed EA re­search and ei­ther praised it highly or found it lack­luster?

*I’m us­ing this word to mean a com­bi­na­tion of “re­garded highly within their field” and “re­garded rea­son­ably well by EAs who care about their field”; if you’re not sure whether some­one counts, please share the ex­am­ple any­way!

Speci­fi­cally, I’m look­ing for re­views of EA re­search that doesn’t go through peer-re­viewed re­search chan­nels, or that gets pub­lished in very ob­scure jour­nals that sep­a­rate it from be­ing “main­stream” within its field. Ex­am­ples in­clude:

  • Eric Drexler’s Com­pre­hen­sive AI Ser­vices model

  • Wild an­i­mal suffer­ing (es­pe­cially at­tempts to es­ti­mate its mag­ni­tude or com­pare it to hu­man suffer­ing on a moral ba­sis)

  • GiveWell’s cost-effec­tive­ness models

  • X-risk policy work from FHI, CSER, or other longter­mist re­search orgs

  • Re­cent EA dis­cus­sion of COVID-19

An ex­am­ple of feed­back that fits what I’m look­ing for:

  • Judea Pearl, a renowned com­puter sci­en­tist, re­view­ing Stu­art Rus­sell’s Hu­man Com­pat­i­ble:

    • “Hu­man Com­pat­i­ble made me a con­vert to Rus­sell’s con­cerns with our abil­ity to con­trol our up­com­ing cre­ation—su­per-in­tel­li­gent ma­chines. Un­like out­side alarmists and fu­tur­ists, Rus­sell is a lead­ing au­thor­ity on AI. His new book will ed­u­cate the pub­lic about AI more than any book I can think of, and is a delight­ful and up­lift­ing read.”