Today is Draft Amnesty Day (December 16-18)

TL;DR: Today[1] is an official “Draft Amnesty Day” on the Forum. People are encouraged to share unfinished posts, unpolished writing, butterfly ideas, thoughts they’re not sure they endorse, etc.

This post explains how to:

  • Participate ⬇️

  • Explore what people have written ⬇️

  • Hide these posts so that you don’t need to see them ⬇️


If you have a draft lying around that you’ve never gotten around to polishing or checking, you are invited to post it today. (Here’s why I think that’s valuable.)

To make it clear that it’s a “Draft Amnesty Day” post, do the following:

  1. Tag it with the Draft Amnesty Day tag

  2. Copy-paste the following table into the post, and modify it as you’d like:

This is a Draft Amnesty Day draft. That means it’s not polished, it’s probably not up to my standards, the ideas are not thought out, and I haven’t checked everything. I was explicitly encouraged to post something unfinished!
Commenting and feedback guidelines: I’m going with the default — please be nice. But constructive feedback is appreciated; please let me know what you think is wrong. Feedback on the structure of the argument is also appreciated.

You can also elaborate more on what types of feedback would be most useful, the context for the original draft, and the like.

Explore what people have written

Here’s a list of posts that have been published with this tag[2]. Explore them! If you like one of them, tell the author! You can also give constructive feedback, which could be enormously useful to the poster, but please be generous, respect the norms, and see if the author has asked for certain types of feedback specifically.

How to hide these posts entirely

You can hide Draft Amnesty Day posts entirely by using a tag filter. Go to the Frontpage of the Forum, then hover over the “Draft Amnesty Day” tag (find it to the right of the “Frtonpage Posts” header), and click on “Hidden.” Posts with this tag will stop showing up for you.

  1. ^

    Depending on your timezone, you might see this early! In that case, tomorrow is a Draft Amnesty Day.

  2. ^

    If it’s early, there might not be content there, yet.