Direct democracy

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The direct democracy tag covers posts about ballot initiatives, referenda, and other ways that people can vote directly on legislation and other policy matters without going through their legislatures.

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In­ter­ven­tion Pro­file: Bal­lot Initiatives

Jason Schukraft13 Jan 2020 15:41 UTC
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EAF’s bal­lot ini­ti­a­tive dou­bled Zurich’s de­vel­op­ment aid

Jonas Vollmer13 Jan 2020 11:32 UTC
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De­liber­a­tion May Im­prove De­ci­sion-Making

Neil_Dullaghan5 Nov 2019 0:34 UTC
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Peter Hur­ford: U.S. bal­lot ini­ti­a­tives as a path­way for EA policy

EA Global15 Jan 2020 15:24 UTC
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Aaron Ham­lin: The plu­ral­ity pandemic

EA Global26 Oct 2018 8:36 UTC
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Defend­ing Philan­thropy Against Democracy

Cullen_OKeefe6 Oct 2019 7:20 UTC
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Are we un­der­uti­liz­ing grass­roots-style poli­ti­cal ad­vo­cacy?

Ernst Applejuice24 Aug 2020 6:08 UTC
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[Question] Can the moral cir­cle be ex­panded through eco­nomic se­cu­rity and/​or poli­ti­cal trust?

Jan-WillemvanPutten13 Apr 2021 7:59 UTC
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