Effec­tive Altru­ism Foundation

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The Effective Altruism Foundation is a nonprofit based in London. Its projects have included the Center on Long-Term Risk and Raising for Effective Giving.

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Effective Altruism Foundation. Official website.

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EAF’s bal­lot ini­ti­a­tive dou­bled Zurich’s de­vel­op­ment aid

Jonas Vollmer13 Jan 2020 11:32 UTC
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Fundraiser: Poli­ti­cal ini­ti­a­tive rais­ing an ex­pected USD 30 mil­lion for effec­tive charities

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A List of EA Dona­tion Pledges (GWWC, etc)

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Launch­ing the EAF Fund

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Up­date on Effec­tive Altru­ism Funds

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EAF/​FRI are now the Cen­ter on Long-Term Risk (CLR)

Jonas Vollmer6 Mar 2020 16:40 UTC
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