A List of EA Donation Pledges (GWWC, etc)

I was re­search­ing on EA pledg­ing strat­egy and had a lot of difficulty find­ing less pop­u­lar EA pledges. Often, I chanced upon them in EA Global talks, and Google searches weren’t very helpful for dis­cov­er­ing new ones. I in­tend for this post to act as a com­pre­hen­sive list of EA pledges (es­pe­cially less pop­u­lar ones). I hope to keep this post up­dated with time.

Tar­get En­gage­ment Level

Tar­get In­come Group

Name of Pledge

Pledge Amount


Low-MediumAll?GWWC’s Try Giv­ing1%+Pledge for a user-set time pe­ri­od
TLYCSDiffer­en­ti­ated (av­er­age ~5%)
Medium-HighHighREG2%For poker play­er­s
Founder’s Pledge2%For startup founder­s
Gen­er­a­tion Pledge10%+For in­her­i­tors
Very high­All?GWWC Fur­ther PledgeEvery­thing above a cer­tain in­come

A very no­table non-EA pledge is the Giv­ing Pledge. It is prob­a­bly the most pop­u­lar pledge among billion­aires and re­quires pledg­ing atleast 50% of one’s wealth.


Isn’t the GWWC Pledge too sim­plis­tic to fit ev­ery­one’s spe­cific situ­a­tion?

Mak­ing the Pledge bet­ter in some ways makes it worse in oth­ers. A plan that ac­counted for ev­ery pos­si­ble con­sid­er­a­tion in a per­son’s life would be more equitable, but would also end up read­ing like a tax code. We be­lieve that the abil­ity to suc­cinctly ex­plain the Pledge to oth­ers has great value, and that adding all con­ceiv­able loop­holes and caveats would diminish that value. In the end we trust mem­bers to abide by the spirit of the Pledge, which is us­ing a sig­nifi­cant por­tion of one’s in­come to benefit oth­ers.


There is good rea­son to fo­cus on very rich peo­ple (say the top 0.1%) of the world’s pop­u­la­tion. This is be­cause dona­tions fol­low a fat-tailed dis­tri­bu­tion. For ex­am­ple, the 2019 EA Sur­vey says that 1.3% of donors ac­counted for 57% of dona­tions. New “effec­tive giv­ing” pledges tar­get­ting niche seg­ments of mil­lion­aires/​billion­aires would prob­a­bly be very high-im­pact and gen­er­ate mil­lions of dol­lars.

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