Fu­ture Perfect

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Future Perfect is a section of Vox’s website focused on news stories relevant from an effective altruism perspective. It features contributions from Dylan Matthews, Kelsey Piper, and others.


Matthews, Dylan (2018) Future Perfect, explained, Vox, October 15.

Piper, Kelsey (2019) Future Perfect: a year of coverage, Effective Altruism Global, October 19.

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Future Perfect. Official website.

Vox has a new de­part­ment, Fu­ture Perfect, cov­er­ing the world from an effec­tive al­tru­ist perspective

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Kel­sey Piper: Fu­ture Perfect — a year of coverage

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Don’t wait: The case for giv­ing sooner rather than later

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Ezra Klein at EA Global: Reconnect

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Dy­lan Matthews: The case for car­ing about the year 3000

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[Question] What are your top pa­pers of the 2010s?

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Vox’s “Fu­ture Perfect” column fre­quently has flawed journalism

kbog26 Jan 2019 8:09 UTC
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[Link] “One year of Fu­ture Perfect” (Vox)

Milan_Griffes15 Oct 2019 18:12 UTC
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