Effec­tive al­tru­ism in Spanish

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The Effective altruism in Spanish tag collects posts written in the Spanish language and posts about the Spanish-speaking EA community.

External links

Riesgos Catastróficos Globales. Web page introducing Global catastrophic risk to a Spanish-speaking audience.

Altruismo Eficaz y Racionalidad. Slack group for the Spanish-speaking effective altruism and rationality communities.

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Es­ta­mos ex­pan­di­endo nues­tra red de ex­pert@s en Ries­gos Catas­trófi­cos Globales

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Cel­e­brat­ing EAGxLatAm and EAGxIndia

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What Has EAGxLatAm 2023 Taught Us: Ret­ro­spec­tive & Thoughts on Mea­sur­ing the Im­pact of EA Conferences

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A di­gres­sion about area-spe­cific work in LatAm

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Join Ries­gos Catas­trófi­cos Globales

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Sup­port­ing Pro­jects in the Span­ish-Speak­ing Effec­tive Altru­ism Community

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Con­curso de en­sayos so­bre Ries­gos Catas­trófi­cos Globales en Es­pañol

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An­nounc­ing ries­goscatas­trofi­cos­

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Juan B. Gar­cía Martínez on tack­ling many causes at once and his jour­ney into EA

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Ar­gen­tines LW/​SSC/​EA/​MIRIx—Call to All

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Global catas­trophic risks law ap­proved in the United States

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Prac­tice English

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Ret­ro­spec­tive on re­cent ac­tivity of Ries­gos Catas­trófi­cos Globales

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Call for Papers:

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Trans­lat­ing con­tent/​pro­jects into Span­ish to grow our com­mu­nity

J.A.M.19 May 2023 14:27 UTC
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Pro­pos­als for the AI Reg­u­la­tory Sand­box in Spain

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