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PhD student at Aberdeen University studying Bayesian reasoning

Interested in practical exercises and theoretical considerations related to causal inference, forecasting and prioritization.

A bot­tom-up ap­proach for im­prov­ing pub­lic de­ci­sion making

Jsevillamol1 Dec 2021 9:14 UTC
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Im­prov­ing the Public Man­age­ment of Global Catas­trophic Risks in Spain

Jsevillamol1 Dec 2021 9:13 UTC
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Take­aways from our in­ter­views of Span­ish Civil Pro­tec­tion servants

Jsevillamol24 Nov 2021 9:12 UTC
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Can we in­fluence the val­ues of our de­scen­dants?

Jsevillamol16 Nov 2021 10:36 UTC
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Per­sis­tence—A crit­i­cal re­view [ABRIDGED]

Jsevillamol10 Nov 2021 11:30 UTC
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Jsevillamol’s Shortform

Jsevillamol23 Oct 2021 23:04 UTC
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