Hap­pier Lives Institute

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The Happier Lives Institute (HLI) is an organization that researches the best ways to increase global wellbeing. This includes theoretical research on wellbeing measurement as well as practical research into effective interventions. HLI was incubated by Charity Entrepreneurship.


As of July 2022, HLI has received $55,000 in funding from Effective Altruism Funds.[1][2]

Further reading

Cohen, Alex (2021) A conversation with the Happier Lives Institute, GiveWell, February 12.

Plant, Michael et al. (2021) 2021-22 Research agenda and context, Happier Lives Institute, April.

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Happier Lives Institute. Official website.

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Don’t just give well, give WELLBYs: HLI’s 2022 char­ity recommendation

MichaelPlant24 Nov 2022 9:56 UTC
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Assess­ment of Hap­pier Lives In­sti­tute’s Cost-Effec­tive­ness Anal­y­sis of StrongMinds

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Prob­lem area re­port: men­tal health

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Can we trust wellbe­ing sur­veys? A pi­lot study of com­pa­ra­bil­ity, lin­ear­ity, and neutrality

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Why I don’t agree with HLI’s es­ti­mate of house­hold spillovers from therapy

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Will faster eco­nomic growth make us hap­pier? The rele­vance of the Easter­lin Para­dox to Progress Studies

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A philo­soph­i­cal re­view of Open Philan­thropy’s Cause Pri­ori­ti­sa­tion Framework

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Mea­sur­ing Good Better

MichaelPlant14 Oct 2022 13:36 UTC
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The elephant in the bed­net: the im­por­tance of philos­o­phy when choos­ing be­tween ex­tend­ing and im­prov­ing lives

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Eval­u­at­ing StrongMinds: how strong is the ev­i­dence?

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De­worm­ing and de­cay: repli­cat­ing GiveWell’s cost-effec­tive­ness anal­y­sis

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To WELLBY or not to WELLBY? Mea­sur­ing non-health, non-pe­cu­niary benefits us­ing sub­jec­tive wellbeing

JoelMcGuire11 Aug 2022 23:43 UTC
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A can of worms: the non-sig­nifi­cant effect of de­worm­ing on hap­piness in the KLPS

Samuel Dupret21 Dec 2022 13:10 UTC
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A dozen doubts about GiveWell’s numbers

JoelMcGuire1 Nov 2022 2:25 UTC
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Hap­pier Lives In­sti­tute: 2021 An­nual Review

Barry Grimes14 Apr 2022 19:55 UTC
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Prob­lem area re­port: Pain

Sid Sharma13 Nov 2020 19:26 UTC
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Hap­piness for the whole house­hold: ac­count­ing for house­hold spillovers when com­par­ing the cost-effec­tive­ness of psy­chother­apy to cash trans­fers

JoelMcGuire14 Apr 2022 20:05 UTC
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The Bear­able Bright­ness of Wel­lbe­ing: The life of an HLI re­searcher

JoelMcGuire8 Apr 2022 14:13 UTC
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Donat­ing money, buy­ing hap­piness: new meta-analy­ses com­par­ing the cost-effec­tive­ness of cash trans­fers and psy­chother­apy in terms of sub­jec­tive well-being

MichaelPlant25 Oct 2021 15:38 UTC
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Life Satis­fac­tion and its Discontents

MichaelPlant25 Sep 2020 7:54 UTC
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The effect of cash trans­fers on sub­jec­tive well-be­ing and men­tal health

JoelMcGuire20 Nov 2020 18:12 UTC
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In­tro­duc­tion to the Philos­o­phy of Well-Being

finm7 Dec 2020 12:32 UTC
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Us­ing Sub­jec­tive Well-Be­ing to Es­ti­mate the Mo­ral Weights of Avert­ing Deaths and Re­duc­ing Poverty

MichaelPlant3 Aug 2020 16:17 UTC
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2020 An­nual Re­view from the Hap­pier Lives Institute

ClareDonaldson26 Apr 2021 13:25 UTC
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Affec­tive fore­cast­ing: The challenge of pre­dict­ing fu­ture feel­ings and the im­pli­ca­tions for global pri­ori­ties research

Matt Coleman17 Feb 2022 20:36 UTC
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The Com­pa­ra­bil­ity of Sub­jec­tive Scales

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Can money buy hap­piness? A re­view of new data

JulianHazell28 Jun 2021 1:48 UTC
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The prop­erty rights ap­proach to moral uncertainty

Harry R. Lloyd14 Oct 2022 16:49 UTC
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Im­mi­gra­tion re­form: a shal­low cause exploration

JoelMcGuire20 Feb 2023 15:57 UTC
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Michael Plant: What are the best ways to im­prove world hap­piness?

EA Global3 Nov 2017 7:43 UTC
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Notes on sup­port­ing Hap­pier Lives Institute

Pawel Sysiak6 Oct 2022 13:01 UTC
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Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship: Grad­u­ate light­ning talks

EA Global3 Jul 2020 14:48 UTC
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More to ex­plore on ‘Differ­ences in Im­pact’

EA Handbook3 Jul 2022 23:00 UTC
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HLI Sum­mer Re­search Fellowship

Joy Bittner21 Feb 2022 16:11 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the launch of the Hap­pier Lives Institute

MichaelPlant19 Jun 2019 15:40 UTC
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Wheel­ing and deal­ing: An in­ter­nal bar­gain­ing ap­proach to moral uncertainty

MichaelPlant10 Jul 2022 12:04 UTC
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HLI’s Men­tal Health Pro­gramme Eval­u­a­tion Pro­ject—Up­date on the First Round of Evaluation

Jasper Synowski10 Jun 2020 16:45 UTC
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Mea­sur­ing Good Better

Barry Grimes20 Sep 2022 15:06 UTC
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Pain re­lief: a shal­low cause exploration

Samuel Dupret27 Jan 2023 9:55 UTC
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Jasper Synowski and Clare Don­ald­son: Iden­ti­fy­ing the most cost-effec­tive pro­grammes to im­prove men­tal health

EA Global21 Aug 2020 21:36 UTC
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Op­por­tu­ni­ties that sur­prised us dur­ing our Clearer Think­ing Re­grants program

spencerg7 Nov 2022 13:09 UTC
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Up­date from the Hap­pier Lives Institute

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Writ­ing about my job: Oper­a­tions Manager

Joy Bittner26 Jan 2022 14:06 UTC
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Pro­mot­ing com­pas­sion­ate longtermism

jonleighton7 Dec 2022 14:26 UTC
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In­tern­ship Les­sons at the Hap­pier Lives Institute

Madhav Malhotra1 Sep 2022 21:03 UTC
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Why I’m suss on wellbe­ing surveys

Henry Howard18 Mar 2023 7:07 UTC
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The win­ners of the Change Our Mind Con­test—and some reflections

GiveWell15 Dec 2022 19:33 UTC
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EA In­fras­truc­ture Fund Grants (Novem­ber 2020)

agdfoster1 Dec 2020 12:11 UTC
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