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I am a researcher at the Happier Lives Institute. In my work, I assess the cost-effectiveness of interventions in terms of subjective wellbeing.

Find­ing be­fore fund­ing: Why EA should prob­a­bly in­vest more in research

Falk Lieder17 Aug 2022 8:48 UTC
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To WELLBY or not to WELLBY? Mea­sur­ing non-health, non-pe­cu­niary benefits us­ing sub­jec­tive wellbeing

JoelMcGuire11 Aug 2022 23:43 UTC
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De­worm­ing and de­cay: repli­cat­ing GiveWell’s cost-effec­tive­ness anal­y­sis

JoelMcGuire25 Jul 2022 20:26 UTC
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Es­ti­mat­ing the cost-effec­tive­ness of sci­en­tific research

Falk Lieder16 Jul 2022 12:20 UTC
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