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I’m a full-time con­tent writer at CEA. I started Yale’s stu­dent EA group, and I’ve also vol­un­teered for CFAR and MIRI. I spend a few hours a month ad­vis­ing a small, un-Google­able pri­vate foun­da­tion that makes EA-ad­ja­cent dona­tions. I also play Magic: the Gather­ing on a semi-pro­fes­sional level and donate half my win­nings (more than $50k in 2020) to char­ity.

Be­fore join­ing CEA, I was a tu­tor, a free­lance writer, a tech sup­port agent, and a mu­sic jour­nal­ist. I blog, and keep a pub­lic list of my dona­tions, at

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