Adam Binks

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I’m building tools for forecasting and thinking at Sage. Currently building Quantified Intuitions and Fatebook.

Previously I was doing a PhD in HCI at St Andrews, and worked at Clearer Thinking.

Website: http://​​​​

Tweeting, sometimes about EA: https://​​​​adambinks_

Fate­book for Slack: Track your fore­casts, right where your team works

Adam Binks11 May 2023 12:58 UTC
76 points
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Ex­er­cise: Things we got wrong

Adam Binks7 Apr 2023 18:30 UTC
37 points
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Anki with Uncer­tainty: Turn any flash­card deck into a cal­ibra­tion train­ing tool

Sage22 Mar 2023 17:26 UTC
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The Es­ti­ma­tion Game: a monthly Fermi es­ti­ma­tion web app

Sage20 Feb 2023 11:22 UTC
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