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[Question] How in­de­pen­dent is the re­search com­ing out of OpenAI’s pre­pared­ness team?

Arden10 Feb 2024 16:59 UTC
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[Linkpost] Be­ware the Squir­rel by Ver­ity Harding

Arden3 Sep 2023 21:04 UTC
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[Question] How can we as­sess the im­pact of money given away im­me­di­ately vs. money given away in per­pe­tu­ity through an en­dow­ment?

Arden28 Jan 2023 1:51 UTC
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[Question] Is EA’s cap­i­tal in­vested as well as top en­dow­ments?

Arden28 Jan 2023 1:47 UTC
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[Question] How much does cli­mate change & the de­cline of liberal democ­racy in­di­rectly in­crease the prob­a­bil­ity of an x-risk?

Arden1 Sep 2022 18:33 UTC
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Crowd­sourc­ing Anki Decks

Arden16 Aug 2022 1:30 UTC
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