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I am a researcher at Rethink Priorities’ Worldview Investigations Team. I also do work for Oxford’s Global Priorities Institute. Previously I was a research analyst at the Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research. I took the role after completing the MPhil in Economics at Oxford University. Before that, I studied Mathematics and Philosophy at the University of St Andrews.

Find out more about me here.

Re­think Pri­ori­ties’ Mo­ral Par­li­a­ment Tool

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Ex­plor­ing Key Cases with the Port­fo­lio Builder

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Re­think Pri­ori­ties’ Port­fo­lio Builder Tool

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Re­think Pri­ori­ties’ Digi­tal Con­scious­ness Pro­ject Announcement

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How bad would hu­man ex­tinc­tion be?

arvomm23 Oct 2023 12:01 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the An­i­mal Welfare Library 🦉

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