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I am currently working full-time on building up the Stanford Existential Risks Initiative and running Stanford EA/​ improving EA groups at the university level. I also co-founded the Stanford Alt. Protein Project. If you’d like to chat about meta-EA strategy, longtermism field building, or anything else, here’s my Calendly: http://​​​​kuhanj and email:

Sum­mer Re­search In­tern­ship: Stan­ford Ex­is­ten­tial Risks Ini­ti­a­tive, Dead­line April 21st

kuhanj16 Apr 2021 22:33 UTC
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What Ques­tions Should We Ask Speak­ers at the Stan­ford Ex­is­ten­tial Risks Con­fer­ence?

kuhanj10 Apr 2021 0:51 UTC
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Tips for En­gag­ing Prospec­tive First-Year Students

kuhanj5 Apr 2021 15:43 UTC
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Ap­ply to the Stan­ford Ex­is­ten­tial Risks Con­fer­ence! (April 17-18)

kuhanj26 Mar 2021 18:28 UTC
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Stan­ford EA has Grown Dur­ing the Pan­demic; Your Group Can Too

kuhanj25 Dec 2020 0:25 UTC
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EA Birth­day Posts: An Alter­na­tive to Fundraisers

kuhanj7 Nov 2020 2:02 UTC
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