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I am the Communications Manager at the Happier Lives Institute, helping to build a community of researchers, influencers, and decision-makers who use subjective well-being measures to identify the best ways to improve the lives of others.

Before that, I was part of the Events Team at the Centre for Effective Altruism, helping to produce EA Global and EAGx conferences.

I practice secular Buddhism and try to meditate for two hours each day. Buddhist philosophy drives my commitment to effective altruism and doing the best I can to reduce the suffering of others.

Notes from “Cog­ni­tion, welfare, and the prob­lem of in­ter­species com­par­i­sons”

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Join EA Global: Lon­don as a vir­tual attendee

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APPLY NOW | EA Global: Lon­don (29-31 Oct) | EAGxPrague (3-5 Dec)

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Suggest ac­tivi­ties for the EA Picnic

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EA Pic­nic: San Fran­cisco | Sun­day, July 11

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AMA: Holden Karnofsky @ EA Global: Reconnect

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AMA: Toby Ord @ EA Global: Reconnect

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Ap­ply now for EA Global: Re­con­nect (March 20-21)

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