Ben Yeoh

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I am an investor. I give out microgrants. I podcast (sometimes with EA aligned thinkers). I angel invest. I make theatre.

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Es­say Prizes: non-main­stream education

Ben Yeoh12 Feb 2024 12:08 UTC
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Ven­ture Philan­thropy, dis­cus­sion of pro­cess and philosophy

Ben Yeoh30 Nov 2023 13:21 UTC
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Progress Sum­mit, UnCon­fer­ence notes

Ben Yeoh17 Jul 2023 12:54 UTC
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David Ed­monds: Derek Parfit, Fu­ture Selves, Para­dox, Philos­o­phy | Podcast

Ben Yeoh2 Jul 2023 13:06 UTC
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Me­ta­science/​Progress: Michael Niel­sen in­ter­view/​podcast

Ben Yeoh16 Nov 2022 23:37 UTC
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Micro­grant: Open to any­one think­ing to make a pos­i­tive difference

Ben Yeoh11 Nov 2022 15:56 UTC
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Prize: ‘What do you think the gov­ern­ment should do to im­prove life in the UK?’

Ben Yeoh24 Sep 2022 11:50 UTC
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Bounty/​Fee: Effec­tive Travel, Lon­don <-> Barcelona, what is most effec­tive?

Ben Yeoh22 Sep 2022 19:03 UTC
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