Benjamin Hilton

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Benjamin is a research analyst at 80,000 Hours. Before joining 80,000 Hours, he worked for the UK Government and did some economics and physics research.

An­nounc­ing the new 80,000 Hours Ca­reer Guide, by Ben­jamin Todd

Benjamin Hilton4 Sep 2023 16:17 UTC
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Should you work at a lead­ing AI lab? (in­clud­ing in non-safety roles)

Benjamin Hilton25 Jul 2023 16:28 UTC
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New ca­reer re­view: AI safety tech­ni­cal research

Benjamin Hilton17 Jul 2023 15:34 UTC
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Give feed­back on the new 80,000 Hours ca­reer guide

Benjamin Hilton23 May 2023 16:22 UTC
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How many peo­ple are work­ing (di­rectly) on re­duc­ing ex­is­ten­tial risk from AI?

Benjamin Hilton17 Jan 2023 14:03 UTC
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