AMA: 80,000 Hours Career Advising Team

We’re the 80,000 Hours Career Advising team, and you should ask us anything!

We are advisors at 80,000 Hours! Ask us anything about careers and career advising! (If you’re interested in us personally or other things about 80k we might also answer those.) We’ll answer questions on September 13th (British time), so please post questions before then. Unfortunately, we might not be able to get to all the questions, depending on how much time we end up having and what else is asked. So be sure to upvote the questions you most want answered :)

Logistics/​practical instructions:

  • Please post your questions as comments on this post. The earlier you share your questions, the easier it will be for us to get to them.

  • We’ll probably answer questions on September 13th. Questions posted after that aren’t likely to get answers.

Some context:

  • You have 80,000 hours in your career. This makes it your best opportunity to have a positive impact on the world. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to use your career for good, but aren’t sure how, our website helps you:

    • Get new ideas for fulfilling careers that do good

    • Compare your options

    • Make a plan you feel confident in

  • You can also check out our free career guide. We are excited to recently launch the second edition! It’s based on 10 years of research alongside academics at Oxford.

  • We’re a nonprofit, and everything we provide, including our one-on-one career advising, is free.

  • Curious about what happens on a 1:1 career advising call? Check out our EA Forum post on what happens during calls here.

  • If you’re ready to use your career to have a greater positive impact on the world, apply for career advising with us!

Who are we?

  • I (Abigail Hoskin) have a PhD in psychology and neuroscience and can talk about paths into and out of academia. I can also discuss balancing having an impact while parenting (multiple!) kids. I will be taking the lead on answering questions in this AMA, but other advisors might chime in, especially on questions in their specific areas of expertise.

  • Huon Porteous has a background in philosophy and experience in management consulting. He has run a huge number of useful “cheap tests” to test out his aptitudes for different careers and is always running self experiments to optimise his workflow.

  • Matt Reardon is a lawyer who can talk in depth about paths to value in law, government, and policy, especially in the US. He also works on product improvements and marketing for our team.

  • Sudhanshu Kasewa was a machine learning engineer at a start-up and has experience doing ML research in academia. He’s also worked in human resources and consulting.

  • Anemone Franz is a medical doctor who worked for a biotech startup on pandemic preparedness. She particularly enjoys discussing careers in biosecurity, biotech, or global health.

  • We are led by Michelle Hutchinson! Michelle co-founded the Global Priorities Institute, ran Giving What We Can, was a fund manager for EA Funds, and is a top contributor to our cute animals Slack channel. Michelle is the director of the 1on1 team and does not take calls, but she’ll be chiming in on the AMA.

  • We have a special guest, Benjamin Hilton, who will be on deck to answer questions about our website’s written content. Ben is a researcher at 80,000 Hours, who has written many of our recent articles, including on AI technical career paths, in addition to helping write our updated career guide.