Joel Tan (CEARCH)

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Founder of the Centre for Exploratory Altruism Research (CEARCH), a Charity Entrepreneurship-incubated organization doing cause prioritization research.

Once a civil servant, and then a consultant specializing in political, economic and policy research. Recovering PPEist who overdosed on meta-ethics.

Shal­low Re­port on Productivity

Joel Tan (CEARCH)25 Jan 2023 8:18 UTC
20 points
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Shal­low Re­port on Shigella

Joel Tan (CEARCH)24 Jan 2023 2:51 UTC
7 points
2 comments14 min readEA link

Shal­low Re­port on Di­a­betes Mel­li­tus Type 2

Joel Tan (CEARCH)23 Jan 2023 3:45 UTC
33 points
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[Job] Re­searcher (CEARCH)

Joel Tan (CEARCH)2 Jan 2023 7:28 UTC
36 points
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