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I’m a Policy Research Intern at DeepMind and a Research Fellow at the Legal Priorities Project. My research focuses on reducing risks from AI, in particular by improving safety regulations and corporate governance practices. I’m also a Ph.D. candidate in law at Goethe University Frankfurt and hold a law degree from Heidelberg University. Previously, I have worked for KPMG and White & Case.

Sur­vey on AI ex­is­ten­tial risk scenarios

SamClarke8 Jun 2021 17:12 UTC
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Le­gal Pri­ori­ties Re­search: A Re­search Agenda

jonasschuett6 Jan 2021 21:47 UTC
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In­tro­duc­ing the Le­gal Pri­ori­ties Project

jonasschuett30 Aug 2020 14:10 UTC
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