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CSER is hiring for a se­nior re­search as­so­ci­ate on longterm AI risk and governance

SamClarke24 Jan 2022 13:24 UTC
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The longter­mist AI gov­er­nance land­scape: a ba­sic overview

SamClarke18 Jan 2022 12:58 UTC
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Clar­ifi­ca­tions about struc­tural risk from AI

SamClarke18 Jan 2022 12:57 UTC
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[Question] What is most con­fus­ing to you about AI stuff?

SamClarke23 Nov 2021 16:00 UTC
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CGP Grey: The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant

SamClarke11 Nov 2021 9:01 UTC
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Gen­eral vs spe­cific ar­gu­ments for the longter­mist im­por­tance of shap­ing AI development

SamClarke15 Oct 2021 14:43 UTC
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