Legal Priorities Research: A Research Agenda

On behalf of the Legal Priorities Project, we are excited to finally publish our research agenda for legal priorities research: https://​​​​research/​​research-agenda.html

In the first part, we argue that cause prioritization in legal research is both important and neglected, provide an overview of our philosophical foundations, and describe our methodological approach. In the second part, we present our current focus areas (namely, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, institutional design, and meta-research), identify promising research projects, and provide an overview of relevant literature. In the final part, we discuss two cause areas for further engagement (namely, space governance and animal law).

Authors: Christoph Winter, Jonas Schuett, Eric Martínez, Suzanne Van Arsdale, Renan Araújo, Nick Hollman, Jeff Sebo, Andrew Stawasz, Cullen O’Keefe, Giuliana Rotola

Acknowledgements: We are grateful for valuable comments, feedback and support from Alfredo Parra, Mark Eccleston-Turner, Leonie Kößler, Sean Richardson, Tyler John, Olavo Bittencourt, Lisa Forsberg, Kevin Tobia, Bradly Condon, Markus Anderljung, Seth Baum, Tobias Baumann, Haydn Belfield, Alexis Carlier, Devin Mauney, Peter Cihon, Frans von der Dunk, Dov Greenbaum, Ameen Jauhar, David Koplow, Sebastien Krier, David Manheim, Tanja Masson-Zwaan, Cecil Abungu, Gabriel Bankman-Fried, Gregory Lewis, Janvi Ahuja, Sarah Carter, Alasdair Phillips-Robins, Caleb Huffman, and the participants at presentations of the individual parts of this agenda.