Luca Parodi

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I am the CEO and co-founder of School of Thinking. Our purpose is to spread Effective Altruist, longtermist, and rationalist values and ideas as much as possible to the general public by leveraging new media. I am an ex-management consultant with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy of Science and a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Science and Decision Theory. I have been a lurker of the EA Forum and LessWrong since 2016.

In­tro­duc­ing School of Thinking

Luca Parodi17 Nov 2022 13:03 UTC
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[Question] What’s your favourite Science Fic­tion book/​TV se­ries/​movie/​anime/​other?

Luca Parodi11 Oct 2022 15:46 UTC
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Test­ing a co­her­ent so­cial me­dia out­reach strat­egy for EA Chapters

Luca Parodi30 Mar 2022 11:47 UTC
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