FTX EA Fellowships

Announcing a new program: FTX EA Fellowships!

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in the Bahamas, founded with the goal of making money to give to effective causes. We’re looking to

  • support people doing exciting work

  • kickstart an EA community in the Bahamas

To those ends, we’re looking for applications from people already working on EA jobs or projects that can be done from the Bahamas.

For fellowship recipients, we’ll provide:

  • travel to and from the Bahamas

  • housing in the Bahamas for up to 6 months

  • an EA coworking space

  • a stipend of $10,000

Round 1 applications close 1115. We’ll get back with responses by 121, and accommodations will start in January. This is just an initial default schedule: happy to accept off-cycle applications or people who wouldn’t be able to move until later as well.

We plan to accept somewhere between 10-25 applicants in the first round, depending on interest and capacity constraints.

The application is here. (If you don’t need a fellowship but might want to come hang out in the Bahamas, fill out this form.) We may follow up to do an interview over video chat after reviewing initial applications. If you have any questions feel free to email fellowships@ftx.com.