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Outreach & Community Building Associate at Legal Priorities Project. Master in Public Policy student at Georgetown University. Previously worked in operations at Rethink Charity et. al. and co-founded EA Anywhere. Views are mine.

Dead­line Ex­tended: An­nounc­ing the Le­gal Pri­ori­ties Sum­mer In­sti­tute! (Ap­ply by June 24)

Marisa26 May 2022 8:00 UTC
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The EA move­ment’s val­ues are drift­ing. You’re al­lowed to stay put.

Marisa24 May 2022 0:31 UTC
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AMA: We or­ga­nize EA Any­where. Ask Us Any­thing!

Marisa8 Aug 2021 23:30 UTC
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EA Any­where: A Year in Review

Marisa8 Aug 2021 23:30 UTC
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